Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning services undertaken:

  • Domestic, residential and commercial work undertaken
  • Regular, monthly, bi monthly, 6 weekly and quarterly cleans
  • One offs also undertaken
  • Internal window cleans are a service i do
  • All sills and frames are cleaned as part of the clean when reach and wash pure water window cleaning is used

Pure Water Technology

Using 100 % purified de-ionised water which dries smear free leaving a shiny finish is the modern method of external window cleaning. Pure water window cleaning is the most successful modern form of window cleaning for many reasons.

Difficult to access windows are now almost a thing of the past due to the reach available with the use of extendable poles. Loft windows are no longer an issue and in most cases unsafe roofs or tiles no longer have to be walked on. Windows above conservatories for example are also no longer a problem to reach.

The cleaning of frames and sills and in particular PVC frames now are included as part of the job. Pure water pole cleaning allows the user to remain on the ground for the majority of the job so ladder safety is no longer an issue. Try it for yourself and see!